Important Information – Dr Bell is moving

As of the 22 December 2017 the Belmont Specialist Center has closed.

Dr Bell will move to rooms at Belmont Private Hospital. His clinics will re-open on Monday 15 January 2018.  The phone number will be 3055 9508. The address is: The Conolly Clinic, Belmont Private Hospital, 1220 Creek Road Carina. This is just up the hill from the Specialist Center and is located close to the rear entrance to the hospital. Car parking is available.


The stress and pace of our modern world puts us under enormous pressure.

Life can get out of balance. Looking after ourselves both physically and mentally becomes a low priority. We can loose our passions, our goals and even our sense of ourselves.

This is when our mental health can suffer and we can seek out easy answers to our problems. Unhealthy answers that can lead to addictions.

Dr Robert Bell recognised this and in 1999 started a program at Belmont Private Hospital called “Rubicon” to help people with problems of mental health and addictions. Today Rubicon has grown to become a network of treatment options under the direction of Dr Bell.

Dr Bell will asses and develop a program to restore the balance to achieve a healthy life. Assessment includes your physical health, mental health and your goals. Your journey, under the direction of Dr Bell, may include:

  • Inpatient hospital care, if needed
  • Medically supervised withdrawal management
  • Medication to help with cravings or mental illness
  • Group or individual therapy
  • Co-ordination of extended residential rehabilitation
  • Referral to other health professionals